$250 which netbook to buy?

Hello, I know this is low cost, low performance, but what is the best netbook for $250? There is the ASUS Eee PC 1215B-MU17 12.1" at B&H for $259.

And Costco has Acer 11.6" (AMD C60, 4GB, 500GB, WIN7) for $250 Smaller screen, but more ram and disk.

Which would you choose? Thanks
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  1. good question but for my self, netbook or tablet.
    after 2month of research i purchase tablet.
    tablet + keyboard = netbook ~ lol
    I am sorry can not give you best answer but even it's netbook more ram include netbook is better.
  2. I would go with the Acer. You probably won't notice the .5" difference (since they are small anyways), but you would notice better performance with more ram.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Anyone care to comment on the keyboard differences? I tried the Acer at Target and it has more flex than I'd like, plus the water spash in the lid is a bit odd. I cannot find the ASUS locally, maybe I'll see if Fry's has one.

  4. The Acer is the better value. At that price you can expect the Asus keyboard to be 'about the same'.
    The screen resolution for both is 1366x768 pixels so 11.6"/12.1" isn't going to make a difference.
  5. I think that Acer is better. Both computers are almost similar, but Acer has more ram, space on hard drive and it is better on 100 per cent. Read reviews here to be sure in your choice. http://www.pissedconsumer.com/consumer-reviews/laptops-tablets.html
  6. For netbooks, I think the Samsungs have the best keyboards.
  7. I have had an acer netbook for a few years now and it is the perfect desktop companion! Sure, they dont do a whole lot, but it is built well (have droped it sever times with minimal/no damage), and they get great battery life. I mostly use mine to record stereo feeds off of sound boards when doing video projects (surprisingly clean input on mine that requires little noise reduction), as a portable HDD, or as a glorified MP3 player at home and work, but it also does well with the internet and simple flash games, and will do fine with open or libre office. The newer ones like the one you have linked are even better as they have real graphics instead of the intel junk mine is stuck with.
    All in all I dont understand why people give netbooks such a bad rap. Sure, I would be in pain to use it as a primary system, but as a tiny cheap PC accessory that gets great battery life they are wonderful.
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