Looking to build/buy a home theater labtop, please help!

My goal with this is to have a laptop that I can hook up to my 48" HD T.V., and stream movies, internet, ext... and ultimately create a home theater laptop. My budget is roughly 1000$, and as far as specs goes I know what I want (2.3-2.5GHz, 4-8GB ram, and a smaller SSD) up until I hit the GC. I'm a bit ignorant as to what's a good laptop GC, and what would adequately do what I want. If anyone has any suggestions on components, or knows a good deal on a labtop that would meet my goals, please share!

On a side note the SSD will probably be a side upgrade once I have some more disposable income
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  1. Blu-Ray DVD player needed?
  2. WR2 said:
    Blu-Ray DVD player needed?

    Yes, blue ray is a must.
  3. Quote:
    How about this HP Core i7 Quad 2.2GHz 16" 1080p Blu-ray Laptop for $905?
    But it's only 2.2GHz. Hope u find the best bet. Good luck.

    Great deal and it looks like it will meet the requirements I need it to. Keep the suggestions coming though! It's nice to have a few items/ideas to compare
  4. Bump!
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