help cpu underclocked!

my cpu will not run at 133mhz bus, when i change it and boot windows it will either automatically restart, freeze, or give me a BSOD. my memory will also not run above the host clock (it is pc2700). i have athlon xp1900 and msikt3 ultra2 motherboard. my friend also has this problem with his athlon xp2200. please help out me and my overclocked, underclocked cpu (its running at 112mhz fsb).

does anyone know whats wrong or what i can do to fix it?
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  1. i'm no expert on your particular motherboard, but i think it's a KT333 based one (correct me if i'm wrong) but if i were you i'd check the jumpers on the motherboard, they should be set to an 'automatic' setting or '133' for the FSB....

    your chip might also not be being cooled very well if you're suffering restarts when you set the fsb to 133, make sure the HSF is properly aligned and that you've used good thermal compound.

    the memory timing will be in the BIOS, it needs to be set at 166, this might be done with some sort of ratio between the FSB and RAM, 133:166 is 4:5, or it could just be done by setting to 166.

    what PSU do you have?
  2. it is a kt333 motherboard and all settings are in BIOS (no jumpers). their should be no problems with cooling as i have an adequate cpu fan/heatsink (32 cu ft/min) and 4 case fans. i am also using arctic silver 3. also on heat issue Sandra says that board is at 82.4 F, 28 C, and cpu is at 97.7 F, 36.5 C (this is at 112mhz FSB). the RAM is set like this: hclk, hclk +33, hclk +66. i have tried all of them and only hclk works. as for my power supply it is an antec 350w that came with my case.
  3. yeah but re-seat the HSF perhaps, it can be reporting low temps whilst one part of it heats and causes a crash, it's just an idea.

    i've no idea why you're having problems 1900+ just plugged straight into my KT266A board and it ran fine. at 133FSB
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