Sony VAIO PCG-9S2m Memory limit

I have a Sony VAIO Laptop model PCG-9S2M and I am trying to upgrade the Ram from 512 meg (2x256) to 1 Gig (2x512) as stated in the manual as the maximum. Also I used the Crucial scanner and it also stated the Max to be 512x2. I purchased this memory and performed the upgrade to find the system still only reported the 2x256. I also checked the system in the BIOS and it stated 2x256. I tried this memory in another laptop (Not Sony) and it worked fine at 2x512. I have seen similar problems before where the Cmos was only updated on the first post, but I would be grateful if anybody has any ideas about thid issue.
Regards AidanH
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  1. Hello AidanH;

    Besides checking in BIOS did you use any other method of checking the RAM amount?
    Like CPU-z?
  2. Hi, thanks for the advice, I did download CPU-z and it reported the correct amount of ram 1 gig and it also informed me that there was 512 meg in slot 1 and 512 meg in slot 2. However I am not sure how that helps as Windows only uses 512 in total.
    That's what is reported in the System information and also in the Task manager. I still think the BIOS is not writing the new memory to the cmos, I have had this situation before with a tower and the cure was to reset the cmos and then it all worked fine. I do not know how to reset the cmos in this Sony laptop any help would be appreciated.
    Regards AidanH
  3. Have you check online for a VAIO PCG-9S2M manual?
  4. Hi, Yes I have the manual with the PC however the model # on the label was incorrect as I ran Belark Advisor and it informed me that the model# was PCG-K315S(GB) and I then downloaded the manual from the Sony website and it also states the max ram is 1 Gig (2x512) which is what I have installed and the PC runs ok but only uses 512k. This is reported by the Task Manager and the breakdown of the memory usage does not exceed the 512k even though it has the 1 Gig (2x512) installed.
    I have seen this problem before on an Asus tower and the only fix was to reset the Cmos and everything worked fine after that.
  5. WR2 said:
    Have you check online for a VAIO PCG-9S2M manual?

    As Before, I have checked the manual and it clearly states that this PC supports 1 gig of Ram 2*512, That amount of memory is still installed but the system is only using 512meg 2*256. I removed one of the 512meg boards to see what Bios made of the result and it took ages to boot up and finally reported 256meg ie(1*256) so I concluded that either the motherboard or the version of Bios will not support more that 256meg per slot. Any other ideas as CPU-z reports 2*512.
    Regards AidanH
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