HEAT: How much is too much?

I´ve been doing some modding on my case to lower the dB (read: unplugging case fan leads), and my comp runs fine without them at CPU 59C/MOBO 48 (ASUS Probe at peak), the outside of the case is about 39C at the top. I´m also considering to add some ohms to the CPU fan lead, to further lessen the dB. However, I would really like to know what temp is the limit for my CPU (AMD Palomino), before I do something stupid. I´ve heard somwhere that 80C is the melting temp for SiO2, but I´ve also heard of graphix cards being warmer than 90C without damage, so I´m a bit confused about that... Can someone enlighten me of how much this little chip can handle (don´t want to learn the hard way.. :) )
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  1. i dunno about your particular chip but i'd say you don't want to go higher than what you're at now, to avoid risking damage
    instead of unplugging the fans, people here can tell you about lowering the voltage/current that goes to them so they'll run at lower RPMs
    i read about it all the time, haven't done it myself though
    instead of leaving dead air in your case for your heatsink fan to blow on the heatsink, maybe lowering all of the fans speeds will keep your temps lower with the same/better results
  2. Try to avoid running your CPU above 60 degrees Celcius at max load. Use a better heatsink and fan if you want to lower the noise. The Volcano 9 has a thermistor that you instal beneath the CPU that automatically increases or decreases fan speed to adjust to your CPU temps. You can also instal it with a pot on the outside of your case to manually adjust the speed.

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  3. So you don´t think it´s safe to go further then? I have overheated both the PII and C3 several times and all i got was the blue screen lockups.. Well I guess I should change my noisy Taisol HS, the HS with TMD fans look nice.... if I can afford em...BTW my case fans were already lowered in speed, they sounded like vacuum cleaners before. Might change them to TMDs too someday. (or at least keep them off!)
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