Unknown Driver crashing my pc

So I have had a few bsods with the message: pfn_list_corrupt
Google took me to: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/568-63-bsod-pfn_list_corrupt
I opened driver verifier, hit create standard settings, then "automatically select all drivers installed on this computer"
It said it must restart for settings to take effect
After a restart the computer crashes during boot. This happens every time. Booted in safe mode, opened driver verifier, hit delete existing settings, and it booted alright.

The original problem remains unfixed though. Pretty sure its a driver at this point, but how do I figure out which one? Any advice?

Windows 7 64
Asrock x58 Extreme
i7 920 @3.6 ghz
ATI 5850
6gb gskill trident memory
Using two hd on Intel Matrix Raid
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  1. I would recommend you start with your video driver.
    To replace the video driver is best accomplished from the Safe mode (F8).
  2. If the above does not work then I would try the network driver.
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