RAM Issues at idle - svchost.exe infected?

I currently have 6GB of RAM. Whenever I restart my computer and have it sit idle with my normal background apps there will 20% RAM usage or lower.

Recently however after using a program such Google Chrome or Sony Vegas the RAM usage will spike to about 50% at idle. After closing out of those programs that's when it will spike up that high.

svchost.exe is using all of this, and many instances of it. I know that those usually are running all the time, but shouldn't be using a ton of RAM at idle like this and "randomly" using that much.

It must be infected with malware or something although I've already done numerous scans with Norton, Malware-bytes, and Avira and it doesn't fix it.

Please help!
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  1. http://i48.tinypic.com/11gi04x.png

    Here is what I am talking about. At the most recent idle time svchost.exe was using sooo much RAM and I'm not running anything! Some background apps and that's it. Even those at startup only use 20% total.
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