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hey guys i was looking for a budget laptop of around 600 or lower for gaming on low setting at atleast 30 fps @ 1024x768 on bf3. I was considering the APU series but i want your guys inputs. Here are some laptops i found but i want your input.






For intel


I will probably be building a custom built desktop in the near future but for now i need a good solid budget laptop that would play games like mw3 skyrim etc on low settings as i will be doing video editing/ having lots of applications.
Remember that im trying to save as much moeny as i can due to that im only 16 and have to buy everything i get.
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  1. i would do the acer intel 2410 with gt 540, better than the amd processors and graphic cards you listed
  2. Gaming on a laptop is mostly about getting the best GPU you can afford.

    AMD Radeon HD 6620G review
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

    If you look at the column of GPUs listed just to the right of the reviews you'll see them ranked in order of performance. You want to get a GPU as high on that list as possible, as long as you're getting a CPU that's decent enough to support the GPU while gaming.

    On your list of options there - the Core i5 2430M / GT 540M looks to be the stronger combo.

    To check compare CPUs:
    Bit list of Mobile Processors (CPU Benchmarks)
    Find the CPUs you're thinking about in the ranked chart there.
  3. Black Friday / Cyber Monday is not that far off. You probably want to wait and see what deals might show up.
  4. If those were my choice I would chose the acer as a no brainer. I am young too and know how it is with money. Wait for the big sales to come and get the best graphics you can afford in a laptop. If it were me I would also only consider the intel processors because they will offer much better performance for video editing and it will be less of a bottle neck on the system.
    It seems you found the best laptop that newegg sells for $600 with that acer so go with that and you won't have any regrets. Unless or course you can wait a few more weeks and buy a laptop during the sales but you would have to be up right when the sales start to not miss a laptop.
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