Soo..anyone respect VoodooPC yet?

yea here i am again. I figure you all hate me. Thats cool. But noe VoodooPC id rolling. Anyone check out their intercool water cooling system they just got? TomsHardware even wrote a article on it.

Yes Voodoo's are overpriced. Yes you can build one close to its performance for much less.

But VoodooPC has the best Tech support in the world, and the sexiest PC's in the market.

My computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
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  1. voodoo does make very good computers, they are attractive, but the price is just laughable. i dont really have much use for tech support. unless i need to exchange somthing of course.

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  2. Wait, why would I hate u?

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  3. Tech support doesn't matter to me, as long as the hardware comes with warranties I am happy. Any other problems I can fix on my own.

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  4. It still comes down to this:

    Only a complete idiot would buy a computer from them. I don't care if the computer makes you hot and horny, it costs too damn much.

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  5. Wait a minute, is this anything like "Alienware envy"?
  6. opinion noted.

    everyone used to flame me liek crazy for praising VoodooPC. As you see some still are :).

    If you want the best of the best at any cost, and a sexy computer to go with it, VoodooPC is for you.

    If you want to take pride in building your own PC and not worry about tech support and a LIFETIME DISCOUNTED UPGRADE ON ALL PARTS, then build your own. Im jsut showing you the light. :)

    My computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
  7. Yeah, Alienware, Voodoopc, and Falcon Northwest are the three BIG boutique vendors. Thought I think Voodoo is the most expensive.

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  8. Neat concept but their website it pitifully slow, exactly the opposite of I expected in terms of speed.

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  9. I have a hard time understand how they haven't run out of business yet or perhaps changed their pricing strategy. I guess there really are idiotic money spending people who don't care about what they throw in.

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  10. people flamed you like crazy cause you claimed they made their own cases, cpus and every thing else.

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  11. VoodooPC, Alienware and Falcon Northwest are way out of my league. From what I've read about them they do make awesome PCs. They also have good in-house tech support though. Hey if you've got that kind of money more power to ya!

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  12. Actually, a custom built Crashman PC is less expensive and comes with the best tech support in the world! If you live within 20 miles of his location, Crashman himself will service your computer ON SITE! And Crashman PC's are relatively inexpensive!

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  13. Well, first of all I don't thing buying from VoodooPC make someone idiot. I would say he/she hasn't choose the best option available (that's my point of view). Saying idiot to people that buy these PCs only make things less objective, as people will be defending its position but not talking with learning mind.

    My key points would be:

    - For reliable and fast computer, you can go to other places or ask people(Crashman would be a good option for sure!). And of course, it will cost you less money, so that a better option.

    - Also in you opt for DIY, it will give you a good time learning about computers and a rewarding experience. But I know this is a personal option, as other people don't see anything special (or just see problems).

    - Finally, if you want a very cool, impressive look, etc. computer, at least compare different options. First, DIY is again an option, but if not someone can do it for you, and you can choose cool components from differents companies, or even a hand painted case (high quality and unique). This is just an example. I'm sure that a computer made with selected components from the best and reliable vendors can be better in terms of "coolness" and "exclusiveness" that VoodooPC or any other company. Of course, this option is not budget oriented (even that money is not unlimited ;-)). But from my point of view with the budget like the system analysed in THG ($5000!), you can do a LOT.

    Just like an exercise, I invite everybody to config a computer for that money, or at least $4000.

    DIY: read, buy, test, learn, reward yourself!
  14. hmmm, buying a system from someone named Crashman, maybe I'll stick with alienware LOL! j/k

    :cool: Save heating costs on your home, overclock your PC!!! :cool:
  15. Quote:
    Just like an exercise, I invite everybody to config a computer for that money, or at least $4000

    I couldn't do it... I am sure it is possible, but do I really need a dual cpu and a SCSI Raid-5 array? I would rather have 2 computers (and for that price, they can be pretty nice ones).
  16. man i'd have to put in a lot of exotic components to get to 4000$ maybe i'll just do as they do build a 2500$ system and ask you 4000$ for it :-p

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  17. here's the thing: I bought my comp 2 years ago (almost) from <A HREF="" target="_new">XiComputer</A>, and the tech support there is really competent (they know what I'm talking about) and I basically use it to replace parts. Also, they do have a thing when u get discounts when u upgrade, and their prices are pretty good.

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  18. All I know is I clicked on the "Ultimate Gaming Machine" and left off all the bells and whistles in the configuration pull down menus and the thing was like 3300 bucks... that is absolutely laughable. I can build 3 gaming systems for that WITH custom casing and a water cooling system. THREE!
  19. Someone should start sending them complaints, I'll gladly put my name with whoever starts a petition.

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  20. complaints?? why? you dont have to buy from them. if they can make some computers, sell them to idiots for double the price, let them.

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  21. I dunno, their presence with such policy simply bothers me.

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  22. Sites like VoodooPC and Alienware sell because they cater to buffoons, rich people and rich buffoons. We here at the Tom's Hardware forums are the smart unspoiled people who are willing to learn a thing or two about how pc's work and in the process save a hulking amount of moolah!!!!

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  23. Or spend a hunk of moolah on an uber computer *drools over mom's cray MTA computer*....

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  24. I do remember moneymike's posts from about a year or less ago. Wasn't he the one whose dad came and excused his childish behaviour? Anyhoo...

    M-Mike, remind us again, what system was it that you bought back then for $5000? Was it perhaps a P4-1.6? It can't have been much more... Isn't it sad, in retrospect, that you kicked out all that cash for a machine that's already miserably outdated? Besides, what the h*ck do you need a good looking case for? I put my case out of sight anyway: computers are too damn ugly, and loud, and I don't appreciate the design of ANY computer, unless it's a MAC.

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  25. I can't remember if it was Moneymike or not, but here's some great links....

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Moneymike having a nervous breakdown</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Moneymike looking like a complete moron</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Moneymike claiming that VoodooPC hand makes their parts</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Moneymike and M_Dav and their love for VoodooPC</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Another good one with snookims and moneymike: Getting a Falcon</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Moneymike making stuff up</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">More garbage from a 14 year old</A>

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  26. The falcon thread has the appology at the end. Snookims is the one you're thinking of.

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  27. Hahah! Man, how'd u get all dem links?

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  28. There's no benefit to buying a VoodooPC. Theres OEM's all over that will build the same thing, water cool em, custom case, the whole nine......for a lot cheaper. It's like when Compaq or big OEMs try to sell you re-badged RAM upgrades double, triple the price of a normal stick because it says Compaq on the box....People think it's their only option. Kids everywhere convince their moms that VoodooPC is the only way they'll get UT 2k3 to run fast. Gaming system is able to play games.......anything marketed otherwise isnt?
    BTW people arent going to VPC for tech support. That's not what they're known for. People go to dell because of their tech support. And I don't care if they come in your house, fix your PC, give you a BJ, make you a sandwich and tuck you's not worth the money.

    So when you buy VPC, what're you paying for?

  29. The BJ:) lol.

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  30. Oh, so when tech support says they're coming over to your house with DSL, they don't mean for the computer?

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  31. oh my,
    anyways, i'm a 17.5 year old H.S. junior (yes, i was once MM's age, not nearly as immature at that age). I run (not "own"... yet) a small computer support company outta my house here in Florida, i've made a few inroads in the area over the past year and am soon going to deploy something to the liking of Alienware et. al. "YaCC" (Yet another Computer Company), apologies to my chief programmer, lead dev on YaPP for that bad joke :-D

    anywhose, i've seen far too many people ask me "i'm buying a new computer, what should i get? Dell?"
    I try to remain calm and convince them Dell is E-V-I-L ! ! !

    all whako, just plain whako.
  32. Quote:
    I try to remain calm and convince them Dell is E-V-I-L

    Why? Ive seen worse things done by smaller OEM's, and neighborhood PC stores. Bait and switch........newspaper adds that advertise great deals on name brand, high end PC's, only when you go in they're out of stock.....BUT! They have a "similar" House Brand system for a little more money.........I remember when a local shop was selling cyrix300MMX systems. That system was their switch on "sold out" name brand Pentium233 systems. I go into these places for price comparison all the time. One guy wanted to charge me $19 for a mitsumi Floppy drive. When they didnt have a graph card I was inquiring about, they presented another, less performing card and swore it was just as good. "no difference" he said. I think it was a ti4200 against a mx440. From dell Ive only made one purchase. It was for a 19" trinitron monitor about 3 years ago. It was priced cheaper, and, according to many reviews had as good picture quality as those higher end, and much more expensive. I bought the monitor and havent had a problem in those 3 yrs since. They shipped it promptly, provided a phone number for tech support should I run into any problems. Low price, quality, prompt delivery.......that's what I like. Not that runaround BS you get elsewhere. I don't buy PC's, but if I did, I would consider Dell.

  33. Quote:
    Soo..anyone respect VoodooPC yet?



    Some day, THG-willing, I shall obtain the coveted "Old Hand" title.
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