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i have seen a lot of reaaly oldies' but goodies' 486 computers. these still are very functional. being trifty in nature, i wonder if we could upgrade the processor using the very old motherboards such that the computer could be able to read data from cd rom drives and play movies and games! i know this may sound far out but i just hate to see these computers wasted! is there a new technique to upgrade these to pentium or even AMD k6? it could save a lot of money!!!
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  1. No, but perhaps they can be turned into aquariums (like the famous old macs, compaq once built desktops with built in screen that would be perfect...)
  2. I'm not sure, but maybe you can upgrade to a pentium with some special adapter ... but if it exist, it's really doesn't worth IMO. 486 mobos aren't good to upgrade at all. Socket 7 offer much possibilities. So sorry.

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  3. Either an aquarium, or a doorstop. I have an old IBM 486 lying around somewhere. At 25 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, it screams "ten years ago". Still, better than that Kaypro 2....
  4. You could find the ultra rare Pentium 89MHz overdrive for it, or the AMD K5 133 PR-75, but you'd be left with garbage anyway. I sell Pentium 133 boxes for $40, you could buy one of mine and upgrade the CPU later if you like.

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  5. You can use it as a riser for your monitor if its a 15", I have some old Mobo's as well. A slot 3 and even a slot 8 Pent. Pro really can't do much with either. You can maybe make it turn on but much after that you would just be pulling your hair out waiting on it......
  6. Dont waste your money.You can ride the tail end of leading technology,save some bucks,and still have something worth having.I have an old 486 myself that I used to use for logging satellite data streams.Other than that,it is really just a novelty nowadays.:)

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