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I need to replace the motherboard on my FSC laptop PA3553. Difficult to get the same one at reasonable price. Anyone know another model which will fit the case
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  1. Hello chunter53;

    I don't know of any good way to research that question.
    Who made the motherboard? (would not be Fujitsu)
    Do you have a part number on the motherboard?
    Go to that motherboard manufacturer and see if they used the board for any other series of laptops for other laptop companies.
  2. Thanks WR2. Board is made by Wistron and as far as I can see, Fujitsu don't use the card on their other machines having checked some online schematics providers. Also checked on-line part number (07254) and project numbers (91.4H701.001) and everything points to the PA3553 model unsurprisingly. Wistron website is not detailed...I might send an email in low expectation as they're a big organisation. It was a long shot to see if anyone has replaced their cards.....i see countless complaints of overheating and burnouts.....Think I'll buy a decent desktop to watch my films....easy to replace parts. Thanks again.
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