HP Pavilion 2500 Problems

In the last couple of days I am having a hard time booting the laptop. When I turn on the power button a few lights come on but he lapt op is not booting up. After turning it of and on 6 to 8 times it will boot up. I do notice a blinking blue ligt next to the "cap lock" key and the small key "end/num lk". Any suggestion to what's happening. Before shutting down the previous evening there was a download from HP.
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  1. Hello grisrenard;

    Not really any way to say what's up with the laptop from your description.

    Just on general principles though, considering the changes by the update I'd say go ahead and do a System Restore to an earlier date.
  2. I found an answer at HP under "Blank screen LED Error code" . The next the screen is blank I need to count how many fast blinks ant it will tell me what part of the hardware is failing. Outside of the Ram going bad it doesn't sound good.
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