P4 vs. AMD

I have a quick question about overclocking. I would like to know how pentium 4s overclock verse new amds.
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  1. If you're asking how far they will go, the P4 will go farther. But you'll get more performence per megahertz with the new amd's.

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  2. p4 will kill amd in overclocking, just get the 400fsb chips
  3. I agree with Toss5000. 1 MHz AXP overclock is not equal to 1 MHz P4 overclock. AXP 2400+ can overclock 400 MHz more than stock, which is not worse caompared to P4 2.4 GHz.

    Moreover, you can unlock multipliers of a AXP. With P4, its impossible. Multiplier lock free cpu is always better compared to locked multiplier CPU's. Regarding this fact, AXP 2400+ is better cpu for overclockers compared to P4 2.4 GHz.

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  4. Just to add something, 2.4 GHz overclock with an Athlon (even the T-bred B) isn't exactly too common. Some sites have been able to do it on high-end air and people have reported it on forums, but looking at the overclockers.com database, only 2 people out of 25 have gotten their "2400+" over 2.4 and that's with 2.05 V core (not recommended for a .13 micron chip). In fact, it looks like most of the results had extremely high vcores. All the ones under 1.9 vcore hit 2.2ish GHz which would be equivalent on average to a 2.7ish P4.

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  5. Very nice overclocks with the P4 even with the retail HSF.

    AMD retail HSF belongs in the garbage. The new HSF on the 3.06 owns, "Zalman" like construction now in shipping retail boxes. Ill upload a pic if you want to see one.

    Here is my P4 @ <A HREF="http://fugger.netfirms.com/3898.jpg" target="_new">3898Ghz</A> (this overclock is with waterblock on the CPU)

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  6. When it comes to overclocking selecting the right motherboard is more important than AMD vs Intel discussions. I'm not an overclocker but any CPU on a cheap board won't get you very far.

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  8. So true, I have a pair of 2400+ and yet to find a worthy dual CPU board with memory bandwidth.

    I need to pick up a nf2 soon. KT400 doesnt cut it for me.

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