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Putting a skin on my laptop

I would like to put a custon skin on my laptop, however the problem is simply that this hp laptop model is either very rare or as I believe, only available in Australia and New Zealand. HP Pavilion dv6-3144tx (NZ site). As I'm sure there are other hp laptops that use the same body I was wondering if anybody could tell me what ones they are so that I could use that on an online skin creator with a more common body.
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    Hello geoffrey603;

    Check here:
    They can trim to fit any laptop (so they claim).
  2. "We trim to fit ALL laptop Makes and Models for a perfect fit. If you don't see your model listed, don't worry as we can custom trim to fit any laptop, just enter your make and model number when adding your laptop skin to your cart and we'll take it from there."
  3. Try laptop skins for all popular brands and all sizes at
  4. hello

    I had a very hard time trying to get a skin for my laptop. it's a very large and somewhat rare model. After hours of research i found "Schtickers". I uploaded my custom artwork, input my laptops model(MSI G Series GE70 0ND-033US) and three days later i had a skin that fit perfectly. It was very easy.
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