Bad Cpu or system problems??
I just installed a new XP2600 in my system, after restart it started crashing,memory stack dumps, everything had a problem and needed to close,Is this a dud processor?
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  1. Did you do a clean "fresh start" instal of Windows. Post your system specs and what seems to be happening.

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  2. No i havent done that yet, Could the problem be it's over clocking my DDR??I just got the Processor,333 FSB, but my DDR is 266?is this possible??
  3. Yes thats your problem. You also need a DDR 333 capable motherboard to use the 333/166FSB athlons.
  4. I already have the mb MSI KT4VL,can i manually adjust the memory to 266 and still run the processor at 333??I can set the memory in bios to 266, but will it still work??
  5. Whoa.

    You can run the processor with a 166mhz bus, but the memory with a 133 bus?


    I've never seen that dun before. Pretty neato if you ask me. I've seen 100mhz processor buses, and 133 memory busses.

    My 7Vaxp will do a 133fsb with the memory to 200mhz. But as soon as I go up to 166 on the fsb, the memory goes sync. Which almost chaps my ass, but I can drop my latency down to 2, and a few other timings down, too.


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