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I recently bought a new motherboard for my P4 1.6GHz. I fried the motherboard it was in bfore and I tried it in the new motherboard I bought and it worked. On to the point, the temperature for my CPU is about 19 Degrees Celsius, System is about 26. Theres also a system case fan in it. It says its at 19 Degrees but when I change the CPU Ratio to 13.0x and CPU/DRAM Speed to 133/133 the temperature goes all the way up to 79 degrees celsius and it was barely on for 20 seconds with the settings like that. Any ideas on y??
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  1. 19 Degrees Celsius is not possible... that's below room temperature unless you live in an igloo. Not to mention 79 degrees celsius is waaaay beyond the crash point for any computer. Also, you System temperature will never be higher than your CPU temperature (unless you're using a peltier... but even then, I doubt the CPU would be cooler than the system)

    Sounds like a dodgy mobo temp monitor or sensor.

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  2. try using the program Motherboard Monitor to watch temperatures, perhaps the software you're using at the moment isn't reading the diodes very accuarately.

    yeah i agree with the other guy, 19 degrees CPU temp is not possible unless you have chilled water cooling,

    make sure the HSF is properly seated on the CPU too.
  3. It's more likely the probe sensor your mobo is using to report the tempurature of the CPU than the software. Software could be a LITTLE off, but that big of an error would have to come from a malfunctioning sensor.
  4. He could be Canadian, I get great temps if I open the window in this room. But then I freeze my a$$ too. :) I AM CANADIAN LOL

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