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I have a laptop with the following: i7 940XM 2.13GHz (3.33GHz Turbo Mode, 8M Cache)....8GB (2x 4GB DDr3) 2 GeForce GTX 285M video cards....Win 7 Ultimate 64bit...and a 256 SSD hard drive.

I am thinking about going to a laptop with a i7 2860QM with 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz (4DIMMS)of memory and Dual 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 699OM AMD CrossFireX. The hard drive will be a 256 SSD. Win 7 ultimat 64bit.

My question is will I see that much improvement to warrent the upgrade to a new laptop?

Thanks for any help
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  1. Well. I don't know too much about the GTX 285m, but my little bit of research shows me it's a little worse than the GTX 580m. (Really? 3 series of GPUs and a minimal performance increase? Come on.)

    Anyway, the 6990m doesn't quite have the performance of the 580m. It's close, but not quite. Crossfire scales very well these days though, and that would give the xfire 6990's a boost. But the performance increase might be hit or miss. The processor in the new laptop is by far better, but considering this laptop probably costs $2000+++, The performance increase you get out of it probably won't be worth it to you.

    Makes me wonder though, is anything really slow enough on that laptop to even consider an upgrade anyway?
  2. Thanks.....that was my gut feeling. I just wanted someone that knew more about this advise me. Also, with Win 8 coming out next year is a factor also.
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