Sudden shut down laptop

my laptop has started shutting down number of times.what could be the reason? Please help.
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  1. Hello manasi;

    Straight shut down to black screen? No blue screen?
    Overheating or power problems could be the cause.
    Have you cleaned out your cooling vents lately? Clean Laptop Cooling Vents

    Are you monitoring your CPU temps?
    HWMonitor will check your temps.
  2. It could be a number of things, I'd check the temps as mentioned by WR2 first

    Other likely suspect, I can think of
    - ram gone bad, run memtest to check it
    - virus, run a system scan.

    It might be worth a shot to boot the laptop from a live CD to rule out any software issues
  3. Does this happen even with power plugged in, or only when it is powered by the battery?
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