The Layperson's guide to Hyperthreading

<A HREF="" target="_new">Here's</A> an article that was reprinted in my local paper (Minneapolis StarTribune) about Hyperthreading... it's originally from the Boston Globe. In general, it's pretty dismissive of HT, as well as the general need for computers to run anything more than a 1GHz machine with 256MB RAM. Seems kinda pro-AMD, but it still is for the lay-public. Interesting read. Goes to show that all the adverts in the world can't save you if the newspapers take a different angle... or the adverts are preaching to the choir *cough*AMD*cough*.

Best quotation:
Only a fool underestimates the lust for computing power. Somebody, somewhere will find some use for hyperthreading. Still, Intel's newest gadget faces a formidable rival -- Intel itself. For years, the company cranked out billions of chips so powerful that people scarcely knew what to do with them. Alas for Intel, users now know exactly what to do with all those old Pentium machines: keep running them till they croak. It's not as cool as ordering a hot new hyperthreaded Pentium 4, but it'll do.

On the front page, there is (as of 1:30pm CST on Monday) an article on cheap computers that still have more power than anyone would need for awhile. Seems to me that the general public is pretty ho-hum about anything in the computer world.


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  1. True that computer hardware must rebuilt how it work.100 ghz or 100000 ghz dont change many thing.It must found new apps to run on the computer like DVD are in big growth why?Better sound image maybe a factor.To me it the extra feature interview and behind the scene. Also most dont see a computer like a playing station compare to a console who cost way less and a have similar game.Thank to programer who allwayse level from the bottom.Workstation 3dtudio max and aothers do you allwayse work with huge file most not photoshop most i know who use it for web creation so very small file running on a P2 300 or a old P3 600.Software dont need hardware but hardware need the software to evolve rapidly to create a need for hardware.I think more and more Semi conducteur will have to move out of PC market for seeking profits.

    Now what to do??
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