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My laptop with an i3 370m and radeon 5650m is playing bf3 on low with changing fps. Sometimes i get 16-20 fps in the same map, then another time i get around 25-35 fps on the same settings with the same or more players. I'm confused as why my fps is changing so drastically, any help as to why this is happening is appreciated.
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  1. BF3 is a very demanding game and a lot of people with desktops are struggling with the game so if you can play it at all on a laptop then count yourself lucky. With all the action that is on that game the little change in fps that you are experiencing is to be expected.
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    Furthermore,BF3 has some performance instability issues especially with ATI cards
  3. You have a dual core 2.4ghz CPU and a lower end GPU, even for a laptop. You should be happy that BF3 runs at all.
  4. 5650 is mediocre card even on desktop level, considering you got a laptop, you're squeezing yours for all its worth.

    what resolution are you playing on? what is your native resolution on the laptop? if the two differ, consider turning off GPU scaling. (if you haven't already)
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