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Price/performance of the iPad ?


I was wondering if you could explain how the price/performance of an iPad is calculated. What kind of benchmarks and performance factors are looked into before deciding the performance measure. Also is the price, the average price of the ipad or is it the cost price before selling it to the consumer.

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    Because the iPad is a pretty unique, highly branded product, I think that any price/perf calculations are meaningless.

    If you are anti-Apple, you probably will not buy one. If you are pro-Apple or are neutral (hard as that can be), you may buy one.
  2. Tom's does have tablet reviews and gauge them the same way as computer; well because they are. This was the last tablet review.,3047.html As you can see it goes over cpu, gpu, screen, battery, etc, similar to a laptop review. Price is the price it can be found at in store.
  3. Price: High
    Performance: Average

    That pretty much sums up all Apple products tbh.
  4. Price/performance ratio for Apple products:

  5. Then again, tablets are not really performance systems. DESPITE what the commercials show being doing on them, tablets are really nothing but big smart phones. They are mainly designed for web browsing and emails. I really don't see video editing happening on a tablet like I saw in an ad.
  6. Theirs allot of apple hate out there and I find most of it comes from people who don't have much experience using the products in question. I personally own a Ipad2 , HP touch pad and my wife owns a asus transformer. Apple in my opinion has the best user experience I find the web surfing to be the most responsive on Ipad2 and over all the easy of use and apps and battery life make the Ipad2 a clear winner in terms of just a quality tablet. With all that said I do NOT think it is the best value if you compare it to other tablets at the 32gb mark you are talking at least 100-200 more for a product that is roughly 10% better. I will say this if the new asus with tegra 3 is even half of what they say its going to be at 500 dollars for the 32gb its going to be unstoppable. 4 cores , great display ,battery life claims of 12 hours of real usage and light and slim seems like a ipad killer to me.
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