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i want to buy a new computer.
love to hear your comments on the following: (pls no AMD - that's the reason i'm buying a new one)

P4 2.4G
motherboard: ASUS P4S333 sb OR INTEL's silverreef DDR333
DDR333 : 256MB
ASUS GForce4 64MB
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  1. i would go for 512 of ddr won't really need it at the moment but you may do in future and you will feel the benefit now anyway.

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  2. Any reason you're planning on using the P4S333 instead of the P4S533? The latter comes with on-board LAN which is a nice extra. I actually use the P4S333 and like it very much, but all I see in the stores today is the 533 version.

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  3. I'd recommend the P4S533 over the P4S333.

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