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HI all,

I recently bought a copy of windows 7 through digital river as I am a student. I was looking to put the copy of windows 7 on a machine I just built that has no O/S. I have been reading through all these forums about how to make a bootable dvd/or usb with the downloaded files, however most of the tutorials were made before digital river started offering and ISO file to download. I chose windows 7 64 bit for my new computer and downloaded it to my other XP SP3 32 bit computer. I am now having serious problems trying to figure out how to get a bootable dvd/or usb. I have tried multiple Iso burning software and even the windows made tool. However I keep getting errors. I also know it is not the dvds because I have burned a previous iso disc with them and it also isn't the dvd burner because I have tried two different ones. Can someone please help me out here?

- The only thing that I can think of is possibly a 32bit machine can not burn a 64bit ISO dvd? I'm not sure.
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  1. It looks as if you have a corrupted file, using a 32 bit OS has nothing to do with it.
    I don't know how Digital River works, but I assume that you would have proof of purchase and can get a replacement download.
    Alternatively if you know someone that has the SAME version on dvd that you can copy, then use your own product key.
  2. Use imgburn to burn the files it is the best burning software on the planet!
  3. I have used ImgBurn as well as other burning software and I get an error message and the dvd is spit out each time. I've tried different dvds and a different drive but nothing seems to work. The windows tool for making a bootable dvd/or usb failed with both dvd & usb which makes me think somehow it must be the file... The file is around 3gb and it was a clean download with no hiccups. I even re-downloaded just to be sure the file wasn't some how corrupted with the same results. I don't know too much about burning ISO files but maybe it is compressed and I need to unpack it? It has to be something simple that I am just not thinking of. Digital River seems to be pretty popular and many people have successfully created bootable dvds...I just can't figure it out.
  4. When you burn ISO files you choose the burn image/iso option and direct the program to the location of the file, do NOT use the burn files option or drag and drop.
  5. Thanks man but I haven't been dragging and dropping. I have literally read about fifty forums and a bunch of tutorials about how to do it but it's not working. I'm not in panic mode because I ordered the disk as well but because digital river is like a franchise (I think anyway - Win741 used to do the same) of Microsoft selling windows 7 to students it takes around 3 weeks to get the disk. I just built a machine though and I was trying to create my own bootable dvd to try this baby out. Is there anything else obvious that I may not be doing right?
  6. try Magic ISO,it's free, filehippo etc. if it doesn't work the file you D/L is corrupt, try toD/L again, or borrow a copy from someone, you will have to use your key to register it so it doesn't matter who's copy it is
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