How to get operating system for free for my gateway laptop

I loaned my laptop out and upon it being returned now whwn i turn it on its missing the operating system and in order for me to re boot windows back on it the operating system needs to be done???????? Help Everyone want me to pay and thats not an option for me. Miss Misty
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  1. 1) don't loan out your laptop... ever

    2) check your manual to see if there is a recovery partition and how to access it

    3) request restore discs from the original manufacturer. This may cost a little money, but still much cheaper than purchasing a brand new copy of Windows.

    4) If all else fails, try a copy of linux. I know it isnt what you are use to, but if you need a free legal OS then it is the way to go. I would suggest Ubuntu, Fedora, or LinWin as those are the more user-friendly and mainstream of the bunch (thus more support if something goes wrong).
  2. Yeah , don't be afraid of Linux it's not bad it's almost like using Windows and it comes with Firefox as the web browser. You can use it untill you figure out what to do about your original OS and how to recover it. I always thought Linux was some buisness type OS and hard to use untill I tried it.
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