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ok i have an asus k50i laptop, and its started giving me problems charging.. basically if the wire that goes into the charge port of the laptop is moved to some specific angels, the laptop dosent charge. yes so i basically know what the problem is, but what i want to figure out is whether this is a problem with my adaptors port or whether its a problem with the port that is inside my laptop. im asking this since my laptop is out of warranty... if any one could help it would be great, thanks
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    hold the connector steady while its plugged in and flex the wire where it joins the plug until it stops charging. If that doesn't work jiggle the connector. Unless its actually loose where it plugs in or someone has tripped over the cord its probably the wire though. It you can barrow a working charger it'd be easier to tell
  2. thanks for the response, was simple enough to determine, wonder y i diddnt think of that :/.. and dont know anyone with a asus adaptor so.. anyways thanks, if someone has more to add please to else will be selecting the best answer by tomorow IA.
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