AMD XP 2700+ r P4 2.50ghz, 400FSB + more ?

Ive read all AMD related tests, i want to see some P4 test, does a AMD Athlon XP 2700+ (333fsb) beat a P4 2.5 (400fsb)?
And what motherboards work best (fastest) for what CPU? Im going to be getting 2 Corsair 512mb (333mhz cas 2(cas 1.5 if i can find it) ) DDR chips for DualChannel.... so any reccomendations on getting a AMD? or P4? (and not im not pay 700+ for a HT P4 :))
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  1. Why do you want information specifically on a 4x100MHz FSB P4 when a 4x133MHz FSB P4 is more than readily available?

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  2. get an xp 2700+ (it costs much less than a 2800+ and the peformance difference is negligible) on an asus a7n8x nforce 2 mobo and that corsair ram is supposedly great.the nforce 2 is really the best reason for going for the amd as it is meant to be amazing and the dual channel ddr 333 is certainly a damn sight better than the dc ddr 266 which is the best granite bay can offer and you can even do dc ddr 400 if you can afford it.

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  3. Quote:
    it costs much less than a 2800+ and the peformance difference is negligible

    Interesting. It is cheaper. I think that just last week the prices for P4's were cheaper than Athlon's once you got to the 2.4 GHz or 2400+. I was pretty sure that I would get an Intel cpu for my next upgrade. Now it is the other way around. Athlon's are cheaper all the way up for the same performance. It is amazing how fast prices can change.
  4. Quote:
    Ive read all AMD related tests, i want to see some P4 test, does a AMD Athlon XP 2700+ (333fsb) beat a P4 2.5 (400fsb)?

    Of course it does... assuming that you don't underclock it and try running it with PC2100 DDR RAM with CAS 3.

    Athlon XP's model number is a very good approximation to the performance equivalance to P4's. So an XP 2700+ will perform right around the same as a P4 2.7 GHz (assuming there was such a thing as a P4 2.7 GHz). The problem is that each benchmark shows different results. The average of benchmarks makes them 'almost' equivalent, but if you are only concerned about one or two applications then you should look closer at the benchmarks.

    If you use your computer for a wide variety of tasks, comparing the AMD model number to the P4 clock speeds is good enough.
  5. Corsair ram is great. Though more expensive than most. Technicaly it is just samsung simms but because it is hand picked you get the cream of the crop. I bought a DDR 370Mhz/PC3000 Dimm and I am able to run it at the hardest possible memory timings on an epox 8k5a2+ at DDR 380Mhz 100% stable. BUT, you must get the right stuff. It must be the XMS cas 2.0 with the heat spreader to get the absolute best ram. Oh and BTW CAS 1.5 ram doesnt exist.
  6. What is the XMS Corsair ram all about? I was looking around and couldn't find it on their website. Does it just have a heat spreader? Thanks.
  7. hey, im gettin an xp2700 and an nforce 2 mobo (that asus mentioned early in this string) and i was lookin at that corsair xms memory cause i know its pimp, but i didnt get the ddr3000 thing, i mean, why would they make 370mhz memory? wtf is that? the board is rated to take up to ddr400, but if you want the mem to be syncd with the fsb you gotta get ddr333 + oc it, or get 400 and oc the fsb or somthin fargish like that, cause the synchonization is a big factor in what makes that chipset 1337 (leet), but ddr370... is that 1337? what chipset is that board u have? cause im not sure if its what i should get for the nforce 2. i might end up getting regular corsair ram, or another non generic, but non crazy high end ram, and buying 2 active memory heatspreaders (with fan) for $7, i know thats still not quite as good as XMS, but that stuff is expensive.

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