Is it normal for laptops to get hot very fast?


is it normal for laptops to get hot very fast?
i open 8 tabs in a browser & the cpu fan starts to go crazy
i watch a full screen flash video ... & again... (flash is very problematic with laptops no?)

what do u know abot these new cooling technics?
[dell has too?)
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  1. What laptop do you have ?
  2. if your laptop is 1 year old and up and you haven't cleaned the intakes chances are you got a lot of dust accumulated that impedes the cooling. To solve, get a can of compressed air, turn the laptop off and give the vents a good cleaning.

    Another issue you might be having is if the laptop is nearing 4 year mark the thermal paste might have lost it's "touch". to solve you'll need to reapply thermal paste to the CPU

    Another possibility, if you have a very low performance CPU or very old CPU (ie Atom series or Intel Core 1) those cpu's aren't good with handling big tasks and so if your task manager reports the CPU running at 80%+ then your CPU is working hard to do what you are trying to do and there's nothing surprising that it gets hot.

    Another thing I've seen is if the battery is nearing it's end of life it tends to get very hot which contributes to heat generation within the case significantly. To check, pull the battery out and run without it. if the laptop doesn't overheat then, you need to replace the battery.

    But as Maziar said, post the full spec of your laptop, we'll be able to give you more clues as to what the problem might be

    PS: regarding those cooling features you asked about
    HP cool sense seems to be a software gimmick, while Asus icecool has something to do with the motherboard construction. Regardless there's very little info on both.
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