can someone tell me how or give me a link to a detailed tutorial on overclocking? Most tutorials seem good at telling me what it is and what it does but not how to actually do it...
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  1. Because overclocking, to the point of step-by-step instructions, is a case specific thing. Each motherboard will allow adjustments in different parts of the bios. Each chip can be overclocked in different ways, there are many factors to consider including memory speed and whether the board has a PCI/AGP lock or not. The best way to learn is to do it. Look at the reviews for motherboards and see which one has the most overclocking features, then get the setup and play around (there are some safety limits which you should ask about in here).

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  2. unfortuneately thats my problem, I want to do it, but I dont know anyone who could show me or lead me through it and I want to be sure I wont fry my cpu :) Can you overclock by using bios features? and/or is it mostly physical adjustments? I will read through my motherboard instruction manual and see what it says... thx for the help
  3. If you have an AMD read this, if not, still read it...some interesting info :

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