Is this combo of components =) or =(- Please Rate

I just recieved everything in the mail in the past 3 days and as I look at my comp I wonder if I chose the best stuff. Keep in mind this is a pretty high-end system that is my ENTIRE birthday and christmas present (both in the same month). Here it goes (sorry if this makes you envy, wont list prices hehe):
Aluminum Chieftec case with a total of apx. 320CFM of air (using 3 thermaltake 92mm and 4 80mm case fans)
Vantec 470W Stealth PSU
P4 2.66 Proccesor
MCX-4000 /w TT Case Fan II with coolmod (might have to stick with Volcano 9 since I heard TT II's dont fit on 4000's)
Gigabyte GA-667PE Ultra Motherboard
512MB (1 stick) of Corsair XMS 2700 [Platinum Series] RAM
Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 Pro Video Card
SB Audigy 2 Sound Card
WD 1200JB 120GB Hard Drive
52x/24x/52x CD-RW from Lite-On
Lite On 16X DVD-ROM
Win XP Pro

Monitor- Samsung 900NF
Speakers- Logitech Z-560
Keyboard/Mouse- Logitech Elite Cordless Duo

Those are basically the prime components. I have rounded cables, a rheobus, TT Hardcano 2 for temp monitoring, some lights, etc. Ok, feedback appreciated.
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  1. Thats awesome dude, u did ur hw and knew what you wanted. If you want to get technical, thats not quite the best performing system out there, if youre gonna stick with P4 you coulda gotten a mobo that uses pc1066 rambus, but thats not a huge deal. Also the new XPs (2700/2800) paired with an nforce 2 would beat it, but not by a ton. 1337 case, real nice non-water cooling setup, great vid card (for now, when the geforce fx comes out radeon wont even be eating nvidias dust, because theyll be so far behind, the dust trails will have dissipated by the time they catch up). just do some case modding and youll be the 1337est gamer at your next lan party (unless im there:))

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  2. It's a great pick of parts. Don't listen to the last guy about your video card being outdated by the next greatest thing from nVidia, that "greatest thing" is still months away and is likely to become less and less of a leader as it's release date approaches (did I say months from now? That's 10 years in computer years!). Guys like that are trying to discourage people now so that they'll buy from nVidia later, out of an ill-conceived love for the company. Not mentioning of course that it's months away or almost $200 more expensive for a target price...

    Anyway, getting back to you, you rule dude, your system is probably only 3-5% slower than it would be with PC1066 RDRAM, and the dollars you save are well spent on that top notch video card.

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  3. It seems OK, although a bit short on RAM for these days. And, it prolly sounds like a 747 taking off. I just built a new one of them Shuttle things with these specs:

    Shuttle with VIA/Intel Chipset (supports HT)
    P4 533 FSB 3.06 GHz CPU HT enabled
    Pioneer 4x DVD-R/RW
    Adaptec PCI RAID card
    2 WD 1200JB 120 GB HDDs/round cables/RAID 1+0 Coolerguys slim coolers on each
    ATI 9700 Pro 128 MB DDR vdo (not OC'ed)
    2 GB Mushkin 266 DDR-RAM
    No floppy
    Everything else onboard
    Bose Noise canceling headset (don't want to wake the neighbors with Max Payne too loud)
    DELL 2000FP Monitor

    Its a pretty cool setup so far. I might try OC'ing it with the FSB a bit later but with the VDO and HDDS spinning, and the CPU on the heat pipe sys and a single 80mm fan, I dunno. Plenty fast for now. I run OGR 24/7 with XP SP1 and it rocks.
  4. blimey!that is one hell of a machine!talk about pocket dynamo!i've never seen a home computer with 2 gig DDR in it; it must be amazing.

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  5. fair play. You've obviously been a good boy this year :)

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