Dual Monitor Problem

Im having problems using my Hisense '50 inch as a second monitor. Im using a HDMI to DVI wire to connect the pc to the tv but all i get is a no signal sign interupted every 3 second by a quick flash of the dekstop then back to no signal.

The comp is a Dell studio xps 8100 and my graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is???
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  1. Looks like a bad connection, try another HDMI cable, some of the cheaper ones can be faulty.
  2. Im not sure its a bad connection because it worked with my other pc perfectly.
  3. OK I just ran a test and something weird happened. I shut down the computer and plugged out my monitor. Then restarted with just the HDMI to DVI wire plugged in (from pc to tv) and it worked perfectly. The picture came up on screen and didnt flicker.

    Then thinking the problem had been solved I replugged in the monitor and now the tv is flickering again. This must suggest some problem with settings but I dont have a clue what it could be.

    Any thoughts?

    EDIT: I just tired the '50 hisense by itself again and it works but only as far as the dell load up screen. Then the flickering on and off starts
  4. Ok i solved this problem. I had to go to NVIDIA control panel and change the connector from HDMI-HDTV, audio enabled to HDMI-HDTV, audio disabled.

    Because Im using a dvi to hdmi wire that doesnt allow sound to be transmitted.

    so everyone give this a shot if you are having similar problems.
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