Laptop motherboard bios bin file

I need Compaq CQ61 laptops bin file and guide line to update because screen dosent shows.
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  1. Hello dilip7x7;

    Why doesn't the screen show anything? Could be a bad screen?
    If so - you don't need a BIOS update.
  2. everything is okay so i changed my bios chip and now i need the Bios bin file.
  3. i jst wants the bin file for CQ61 plz help me out, that side u provided dont hav.
  4. I have overthan 500 notebooks bios .bin files . anyone help me for asus k42m bios. I will help anyone if needed.
  5. Just only have k42j for asus bin file
    here is the link if you need it

    [non-official download link removed]
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