Anyone have an older bios for toshiba x200 23g pspbue

I have a toshiba x200 23g model pspbue, i ask everyone if there is a bios version older then 2,5 to point me or if there anyone have the version saved on hdd to send it to me to this email adress I need a bios older than 2.5 because in this one the webcam stop to work. Thank you
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  1. Hello aauras;

    You should find that on the Toshiba website.
  2. Or maybe not.
    It seems Toshiba is not archiving older BIOS sets.

    Im guessing you'll be very lucky to find anyone that saved an older set.

    Have you tried asking Toshiba for the older version?
    You know they have to have it handy somewhere.
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