Advice Needed on New Setup.

I'm planning on building a new computer and below is what I have in mind. This is just the core of my system so I have decided to omit my cd drive details, floppy drive details, etc. I would like to hear people's opinions on this setup and if everything should run smoothly. Please no debate on AMD vs Intel.

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.53 GHz (533 Mhz Bus)
MEMORY: 1024 MB PC2100 DDR (2 * 512MB) (Kingston or Samsung)
VIDEO CARD: Leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra TD
HD 1: 120G Western Digital 7200 RPM ATA/100 Hard Drive (plan on running Windows XP on this hd)
HD 2: 60G Western Digital 7200 RPM ATA/100 Hard Drive (would like to run Linux on this hd)
MOTHER BOARD: Gigabyte GA-8IGXP or Asus P4B533-V
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  1. I plan on using this computer mainly for audio production (reason, acid, fruity loops, etc), some video editing, and playing computer games.
  2. I would look into getting faster rated RAM. I don't know much about the boards in the intel camp, or if either one of those boards supports it. And is that video card a 4400?

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  3. Definately faster ram. 1Gb of PC2700 or faster would be good start.

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  4. Toss5000: yes the LEADTEK Geforce4 is in fact a 4400 (is this bad? I don't know much about graphic cards)
  5. Yop, i would get a board that supports atleast pc2700 and make sure that the mother board supports Hyper Threading for future cpu upgrades.
  6. Anyone hear anything about the Asus P4GE-V, it offers 533MHz FSB, 3GHz+ CPU, Intel Hyper-Threading technology. It also has 3 DIMM for PC2700/PC2100 memory.
  7. I haven't but i think that it got integrated graphics like the P4B533-V that you listed earlier.

    These are the boards that i would consider today: ASUS P4G8X (Granite Bay), Abit BE7 i845pe or Gigabyte 8SG667 (SiS 648-DDR400 No HT support though, but dirt cheap and very fast!)good as a intermediate board.
    or wait for SiS655 (Dual Channel DDR333)reviews, should be coming anytime soon .
  8. I wouldn't get the GE chipset boards when the PE chipset is the same except without onboard video (which you don't need). Asus has the P4PE series, as oposed to the P4GE series, for example. PE and GE both support DDR333 (aka PC2700).

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