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Hi..i'm new here but I have a couple of dumb questions to ask you all great people, so here goes!!

I'm planning to buy a new computer soon, but I'm divided between an Athlon and P4. I've seen recently the THG videos about overheating where they removed the fan and heatsink, the P4 survive but all Athlons were fried!!

Now I'm wondering do the new Athlons incorporate any 'internal' thermal protection like the P4 without relying on the motherboard?

Is it true that the P4 runs at the same temperature as the Athlons?

Hope you guys can give me some insights, thanx very much!
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  1. No they dont. They still rely on Motherboard based thermal protection.
    That said, The chances of a heatsink comming off by itself are vanishingly small, provided you get one that follows the specifications.
    Like the stock heatsink.
    A fan failure is far more likely (though still very uncommon). The thermal control can easily handle that.

    Is it true that the P4 runs at the same temperature as the Athlons?

    Yes... then again, No.

    CPU Temperature is the sum of MANY factors.
    A. Cpu load
    B. Max thermal output of the cpu
    C. Efficiency of the heatsink/fan.
    D. contact area between the heatsink & cpu
    E. Case cooling
    F. ambient room temp.

    The latest P4's actually output more energy than the athlons, but they have larger coolers generally, so on average have lower temps.

    Not that it matters. Provided that it doesnt crash, it makes <b>Bugger All</b> difference if the processor is running at 40C or 50C.

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