What are the possible culprits to these symptoms?


I've got a friend's HP Pavilion DV4 laptop he needs fixing, and I am looking for some help on figuring out what the possible problems could be that are leading to these problems.

When I start the computer, it goes to a blank screen randomly. Rarely does it ever make it to the desktop screen; usually blanks out during the "Starting Windows" screen, although it also blanks out right after I turn it on, and everywhere in between.

It's not the LCD screen giving out; I've tested that thoroughly. It is also not a overheating issue, as I have already cleaned out all the dust in the fans/heatsinks. Furthermore, at times when I WAS able to get to the desktop (and for some odd miraculous reason it did not crash for hours), I did 30 minute long CPU and GFX stress tests, to which the computer DID NOT crash..

So what exactly are my possibilities? I am thinking it is either the power supply, the hard drive, or the memory. There are two sticks of RAM in the computer; I took one out, booted it and ended up with the same problem. I switched the one stick with the other and got the same results. I also tried running memtest, but halfway through the test the computer would go to the blank screen.

What are your thoughts/opinions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. sounds more like a software issue to me.

    but to be sure run the manufactures Hard drive test to ensure you don’t have any bad sectors.

    then it might be reinstall windows time.
  2. Well, I just now swapped out the HD in the laptop with an HD from a working laptop I have and it is doing the same problems... I have windows XP/Ubuntu on this new HD and the same problem is occuring.

    So not only is it NOT a software problem, but its not an hard drive problem either... Thank for the help though
  3. if you use win 7 try the memory diagnostic in it,but suspected bad memory
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