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Ok, my girlfriend LOVES Skyrim and I need to get her to stop hogging my desktop. :) She's got an old MacBook Pro we're gonna eBay for 500-600 and I'd like to find her a nice gaming laptop under $1000 if possible that will lay waste to Skyrim. I keep hearing that Skyrim isn't too hard on the graphics card so this should be pretty doable. Suggestions? Any Black Friday deals?
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  1. You could go for any laptop with GTX560M or GT 555/550M graphic card.
    Many deals are available from dell/hp/toshiba etc.

    I found this interesting because of the heavy duty GPU. Feel free to browse through for better deals in that site though.

    For a solid laptop for $1k, I would say its a Lenovo IdeaPad Y570. Look out for the deals!

    Good luck.
  2. That Toshiba looks pretty sexy.
  3. Any more suggestions out there?
  4. Check out my review for the HP DV6-6135dx. I Play Skyrim on this laptop on High with 4xAA and FXAA. It works perfectly. And it's only $519 now.
  5. Abyssalx said:
    Check out my review for the HP DV6-6135dx. I Play Skyrim on this laptop on High with 4xAA and FXAA. It works perfectly. And it's only $519 now.

    are you serious? that 1.5ghz AMD CPU can handle Skyrim??
  6. Easily. CPU means nothing compared to the GPU. And the 6750m > the 555m, even if it had an i7.

    Not to mention I run it on a 24/7 safe 2.4ghz overclock.
  7. Looks like that Toshiba deal expired

    what do you guys think of this deal?

    alienware m14x for under 900
  9. looks like a decent deal except that first post says upgrade to ddr1600 - that you don't have to do, if default comes on ddr1333 that'll be plenty

    edit: just looked it up on dell's website, seems like 1600 is included in price, so no problem there, disregard my statement above. I do however wonder why it says 2670 required ddr1600, since intel lists memory profile as 1066/1333 only
  10. Lenovo Ideapad Y570 for $829!

    this looks like a pretty nice deal
  11. Good one I guess. Pretty successful model from Lenovo. IF you could wait just a little, maybe you could get a better deal with the latest processor 2670QM instead of the old 2630QM, though there wont be much difference.
  12. So far its about the cheapest I've seen of laptops with similar specs
  13. i would buy that, unless you want to wait for some special deals next week
  14. I'm gonna show it to the girlfriend tonight and see what she thinks.
  15. Well she wants a 17-inch and so far the best deal I've found is this Alienware at Dell and using this coupon I can get 25% off which would make it around $1100 and there's also a Dell ecoupon for $75 if you buy a $400 gift card and use it on the laptop so that brings it down to a little over $1000. Its superior performance-wise to the other laptops discussed in this thread. What do you guys think?
  16. hi there ihave a turbo-x steel b60-250 with an i5 and 4gb ram.can i run skyrim???
  17. Excuse me, do you know if this one will run it? I've checked the requirements. The computers capabilities appear to be up to par but I want to be sure before I put down that much money.
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