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Been reading the forums for a while now... decided to post a question of me own. :)

It's about the effect of heat on a processor's performance: namely, I know that all things equal, a colder processor performs better than a scalding hot one. Okay. How much better? Is the performance difference noticable between a P4 @ 40 degrees C versus one with the same clock at -10 degrees? Or is there even a difference?

I ask because I'm looking into vapor phase-change cooling for a future comp... I'm really impressed with the ease with which you can achieve ridiculously low temps. And water is almost mainstream now...

Anyhoo, thanks.
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  1. a colder CPU dosn't perform better than a hotter one, it just give that extra bit of system stablity under extreme circumstances which give you a bit more room for overclocking. a CPU running at a colder temperature also has a longer life span than a hotter one.
  2. Not neccessarily true in the case of the P4. It throttles down when the chip gets too hot. However, this does not occur until you reach somewhere around 60ish degrees from what I've read. Some have claimed 55 while some documents on Intel's website suggests 77C. But if you're below 55 degrees, there should be no difference in performance. Everything's regulated by the clock.

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  3. Ah! Thank you, the P4 throttling thing was what was confusing me.
  4. I have run on a P4 at 63 celcius there is no decrease on perfomance.SO that it at lease 65 celcius.Around 70 celcius crash occur.

    Now what to do??
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