Does this P4 support hyperthreading???

I just got a boxed p4 2.53ghz and intel D845PEBT2 mb for a super deal because i'm a retailer.... anyway, this board supports hyperthreading,,, does the cpu? it doesn't say on the box but I swear I read somewhere that you can do it with some sub-3ghz cpus...

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  1. You should read more of the toms hardware site. 3.06ghz. is the only one that will run the hyperthreading.

    And Windows XP PRO is the only Windows that can run it.
  2. Win 2K pro and higher Win XP will support HT

    There a website was able to activate HT on a 2.8 ghz P4 true or not there a posibility that on future chipset VIA or SIS give you the option to enable it on every P4 the feature is on every P4 so make you own conclusion.

    Now what to do??
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">"vrzone"</A> used a ES chip in a HT board. All ES chips above 2.4Ghz have HT enabled.

    ES is engineering sample for those unfamilliar.

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  4. Could you prove me that Win2K Pro can give the SAME if not BETTER performance and support than WinXP does for HT CPUs? So far it's only weaker performance.

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