Recommend Laptop

Internet surfing and download(mostly)
Playing movies and listening music(frequently)
image editing, creating 3d models(rare)
Lots of travelling(require good battery life)

Not required


warranty preferred:
3yr global onsite

preferred brand:
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  1. Hello g160689;

    It's doing you no good if we suggest models you can't get.

    List any available Asus laptops under 25000 INR with 3yr warranties and we'll help you pick the best option.
  2. Oops, 3yrs warranty is almost impossible to find out.

    I have my choices currently swinging around:
    1. SATELLITE P740D-BT4N22(amd fusion)
    2. SATELLITE P740-BT4N22(intel i3)
    3. SATELLITE L750D-BT5N11(amd fusion)
    4. SATELLITE L750-BT4N22(intel i3)
    3. ASUS X53TA-SX096D

    Its completely out of comparison, but i would also take this one of my choice:
    Asus Eee 1215B(E-450)
  3. I've had a grat time with my MSI GT640.

    I've had it for a year and a half now and it is working just as well as the day I bought it, which for Laptops, is a rareity. Some dislike the design but I like it. Extremely quick and responsive, the best Laptop I've ever owned really!
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