How much is this laptop worth these days?

I'm talking about mine of course which is used and only in 'good' condition. i.e. plastic on the shell is cracked in one corner (cosmetic only) and a few minor scratches here and there. The screen is pretty new, comes with a nice bag, battery has been updated and holds a decent charge as are the Ram upgraded to 1.5g, and hard drive is 100gb. also I must mention, my model does have built in wireless unlike the one in the review for some reason.
thanks in advance
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  1. I purchase HP G7 notebook for $330 on bestbuy.
    And i spend less then $92 for upgrade HDD and memory.
    G7 notebook comes with 4gb memory and 5400rpm 500gb.
    Which is ok but slow for me.
    Newegg sale nice and cheaper HDD and G.Skill DDR3 memory for my laptop.
    Now it's very nice condition.
    So purchase good cpu and gpu laptop but low hdd and memory one then laptop will cheaper price.
    And upgrade with just $90.
    $90 upgrade is very cheaper then what manufacture upgrade option offer you.
    However goooood luck~
  2. Your competition is something like this $250 Dell Latitude 14" D630 Notebook
    Core Duo T2300 1.66GHz dual core CPU, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, DVD, 14.1" LCD & Windows XP Pro 32-bit. New battery and a 90day warranty.
  3. ah ok so I'd be lucky to get $200 on ebay
  4. You can ask for more of course.
    It might actually be worth more to a collector than for it's actual parts and performance.
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