Need help choosing a cpu

Hi I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student. So I'm not a bad programmer but I'll fully admit I know little about hardware. I'm currently in the process of getting a new computer. I'll be using it for programming, some graphics programming in a year, some gaming, and then just basic movie watching and whatnot.

This is whats been recommended to me so far by some friends.
AMD 2200+XP
512mb of DDR PC2700
Volcano 7+
Well actually thats all I'll list cause this is what I'm mainly confused about.

I've never had an AMD system so I don't know if I should go for it or not. I can go to P4 2.53 system for only $120CDN more. So yeah any advice is much appreciated.

Oh, and also I am building the system myself. Or at least my friends are helping with that and I do trust them with that.
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  1. If you like to stay happy, stay with Intel.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. You'll be happy with the recommended system you listed. Any thoughts yet on the video card?
  3. Hello. Let me help you out here:

    AMD XP 1800+ Thoroughbred core processor RETAIL (Model#: AXDA1800BOX) $75
    Two Kingston 256MB DDR333 memory modules $70x2 = $140
    Epox 8RDA+ motherboard: Firewire; LAN; USB 2.0 $104

    Stay away from VIA chipsets when possible. Use two memory modules in order to take advantage of the dual memory controllers of this motherboard. This motherboard has firewire, but no rear firewire, just onboard headers so make use of its' included firewire bracket. Great overclocking options for this motherboard by the way. Retail cooling is sufficient. All purchasable from <A HREF="" target="_new">MWave</A>. They ship to canada.

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  4. I think you should choose the intel .
    P4 2.4 OR 3.06
    512M DDR
    ASUS GF4 TI 4600
    ASUS motherboard
  5. Unless you play a lot of 3D-intensive games, then a Ti4200 will be more than adequate. As for the CPU, I find that the P4 2.0GHz that I have now is more stable that the Athlon 1.33GHz I used to have. Some software that the Athlon wouldn't run works fine on the P4. It also runs cooler (35°C against 59°C). If you go the P4 route, check out the Gigabyte GA8-IRXP motherboard - on-board RAID, USB2, LAN.

  6. Quote:
    the P4 2.0GHz that I have now is more stable that the Athlon 1.33GHz I used to have. Some software that the Athlon wouldn't run works fine on the P4.

    Please specify what software. There is no software to my knowledge that will run on a P4 and not on an Athlon. Stability of a system usually has very little (usually nothing) to do with the CPU and much more to do with the motherboard/chipset/OS/other conflicting hardware... unless you overclock the CPU. Overclocked CPU's are often the cause of system instability (both Intel and AMD) so just put it back to stock speeds. Athlon's are just as stable as P4's.

    The Athlon system mentioned will work great, but I would recommend the nForce2 motherboard over the Via KT400 chipset. nForce2 is the new fad, you have to go along with it. If you want dual Ethernet, then go with the ASUS board. If you are fine with one Ethernet controller, then there are several other boards out (Abit, MSI, Chaintech, Epox)
  7. stay away from VIA chipsets if you want to be happy.

    I would highly recommend the nforce2 motherboard. If nforce2 was around when i bought my intel upgrade i may have bought the nforce2 based chipset motherboard instead.

    But believe me when it comes to stability issues you won't notice any difference from a 1.33ghz to a 2.4ghz intel cpu!!!! Unless you are doing professional video and audio encoding. But your probably not because then the company would buy you the computer and then thats a who cares deal as you have no control on what computer you get.

    I switched from a 1.4ghz athlon to a 2ghz intel for stability reasons. I got sick of VIA entirely. I haven't noticed any difference other than the fact i can have my computer running 24/7 even when it's extremely hot out (talkin 90 degree weather). I know for a fact my AMD system would lock up constantly. Intel upgrade ran without any problems. So far after 6 months about maybe 5. I have not had a single stability issue and i have it running constantly running SETI so the cpu is constantly at 100% usage. I have noticed my SETI time dropped by 20 seconds per WU. 3:35 instead of 3:55.

    ok i'm done rambling.

    get this, Epox + nforce2 = great stability and great technical support ... look at

    epox 8RDA+ = $128.00
    512MB PC3200 RAM from XMS Corsair = $182.00
    The cpu and HS&F is fine. 155+38 = 193

    Total $503

    For Intel go with:
    Abit IT7 MAX 2.0 = $170.00
    2.4ghz Intel 533FSB = $193
    512MB PC3200 RAM from XMS Corsair = $182.00
    don't need HS&F because Intel provides a very good one

    Total $545

    AMD = $503
    Intel = $545

    I do believe this Intel setup is faster than the AMD making it the best bang for your buck but i'm not sure. If you changed motherboards to an equivalent priced motherboard the intel setup would be cheaper and yet faster.

    Happy Hunting!

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  8. Get AXP 2100+. It's very little slower than 2200+ and with the saved money buy a nForce2 mobo.

    Let us know <A HREF="" target="_new"> What File compression format you use? </A>
  9. Quote:
    Epox 8RDA+ motherboard: Firewire; LAN; USB 2.0 $104

    MWave just updated their motherboard. It's now listed ETA 12/30/2002. Rats!

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