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Hello, I have a few questions about Windows 7 upgrade...
I know you must format the drive in order to go from 32 bit to 64 bit.
When using Windows Upgrade, will I have the option to format my drive (and how do I do that) and will I have the option to install 64-bit Windows (and how do I do that) even though I am running on a 32 bit Vista operating system.
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  1. first off do not format the drive it's a waste of time, it will not remove the ntldr.dll from the MBR, do this instead: download a copy of The Ultimate Boot CD, burn to a disk, boot the computer with the disk in the drive and go to HDD tools and select wipe, just wipe the drive, then reinstall you new version of Windows, when you install Windows just create the partition that you want to install Windows in, let it do what it wants, afterwards you can go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage and partition the rest of the drive like you want
  2. Full instructions on how to upgrade from Vista 32 bit to W7 64 bit available at Microsoft:
  3. Plus 1 for jonmor!
  4. Jonmor68's resource will help you with the installation process (in fact, I recommend printing it out and keeping it by your side during the installation). These installation FAQs may help as well -

    Also, I see you are running 32-bit right now, are you sure your system is equipped for 64-bit?

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  5. When installing Windows 7 you can delete the existing partitions as part of the Setup. After that you also have the option of saying NEW or UPGRADE so you don't really need to delete the partitions but you're covered twice.

    You could likely upgrade in theory, but in practice it's highly recommended to do a NEW install.
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