192 168 1 1 security key

how i can find the network security key
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  1. We can't help you with that information, it's so generic that it doesn't mean anything usefull

    At the very least we need the brand and model of your router

    Your best bet would be to reset the router to it's default setting (there's usually a small button to do that)

    And then you'd need the default password for your router, it varies depending on the brand

    But the default ones are often
    User : admin
    Pass: empty

    User : admin
    Pass : admin

    Also do you mean the password to use the wifi network, or the password to actually get into the router's configuration interface.
  2. call to help center don't touch that.
  3. That's the router address for a Linksys. I believe the default password is admin which you should change after getting set up.
  4. yea... you are assuming its his router he's trying to get access to... and if it were he'd have the instructions. so.... no help here
  5. aleandra1 said:
    how i can find the network security key

    how can i change my security key?
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