Do you pay tax at newegg?

I wonder if you have to pay tax on newegg if you live outside of California?

Thanks for letting me know
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  1. nope. in the U.S. you only pay if your shipping address is in the same state as the vendor. had to call newegg customer service with another question, asked that one while i was at it.
  2. Yes!!!! that would save me $70, and use it the buy a better graphic card
  3. Well depends on where you live. If you live in California you'll pay 8.25% sales tax.

    Personally, from my experience with newegg I'd still prefer to buy from them than other online venders. So far everything that I've ordered has been pretty predictible, I place an order on Thursday as late as 3pm and I still have the product waiting for me Friday night when I get home.
  4. Don't believe any tax is collected for out of state buyers, just as long the company you are buying from does not have a store in the state that you live in.

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  5. I thought I heard newegg set up shop in Tennessee also. I.e., if you live in Tenn you may to pay tax now.

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  6. Not sure about TN, but it's 6% in NJ and as low as 7.25% in CA.

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  7. I would think so, but they may not collect it. Some merchants do and some don't, depends on how smart they are...Vista

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  8. Bump. For DH.

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  9. Some states have "sales and use tax" like in New York. Googling the"use tax" leads to IRS links saying you must pay taxes on anything purchased out of state on property which you used. Of course, hoping to profit on your ignorance they will not define "use.' If by "use," they mean "for the purposes of sales," I'd quickly move out of new york state. This state already requires you to pay nearly everything you earn to the government.

    see more about "use tax"
  10. billio98 you replied to a thread started on 5-08-2003 and last posted to on 4-26-2004. Read the date before reviving old threads like this and cluttering up the board with threads whose posters are no longer active on the forum.
  11. I live in CA, and the total tax for all the parts in my build is $100 -_-
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