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Hi all, last week i bought myself the Nokia 6100 and now i want to connect it to my pc to upload some images, sounds, java applets (thats the reason why i chose this phone with my new contract, i started a course for java as well :))

Now i hoped the cable to connect my phone to my pc would be included in the package .. but bad luck :(

the cable is for sale for 59 euro .. which is a bit much for a cable if you ask me ..

of course i can also connect it to my pc using the infrared port .. but my pc has no irDA adapter yet. i have seen a lot of those on the internet varying in price from $18 to $40

the advantage of this is that i can use the adapter for other infrared devices as well in case i buy something else in the future

do you have any advice to which adapter is nice and which isnt ..

so far i have :

any advice at all would be very very welcome

btw i live in the netherlands, in case that makes a difference :)

(and while we are at it .. in case you have some nice bookmarks for downloading images/sounds/applets/.. for the nokia6100 .. i am in your debt :))

thanks in advance


<i>The specialty of the house ? thats me! (cheap as always)</i>
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  1. i forgot to add this link to my list :,ir--534,rf--tom003,keyword--irda.html

    does anyone have any experience with any of the products listed on there .. any suggestions ?

    thanks, again, in advance :)


    <i>The specialty of the house ? thats me! (cheap as always)</i>
  2. A bit late in replying but nevertheless...

    I've checked your phone and it's not a bad phone. If I were you as far as adapters to check in eBay because 3rd party manufacturers are pretty good and cost a thousand times CHEAPER than the original Nokia products. The quality is good. I have a Nokia 6610 (don't know what model it's running under in the Netherlands but I bought a Set for it including a 12V car-charger, a leather case w/belt clip (fits the phone well) no problems with typing, antenna booster (really helps) and a COM cable adapter (Nokia's DKU-5). No difference in performance. Works just like the original at low cost. I won the auction at 8€ plus shipping and handling. Total cost 15€.

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