help, need to order new system in 3 days!!

Ok, I talked to a relaitve today and they told me they need a system and they wanted to buy mine for a good price so I figured why not, free upgrades :)

So here's the thing, I need some mobo recommends, a good p4 recommend (will be oc'd for SURE) and a HSF recommend as well as some meory modules.

I just did some research on the various chipsets and I would like a mobo that will support future H/T chips from intel.

I want a budget system for strict overclocking. I already have the Sound card (midiman audiophile 2496) and videocard (ti4200, 64 megger)

CPU - ?
Mobo - ? (need usb 2.0, possibly firewire, and LOTS of overclocking features like pci/agp indpendant settings , my audio card DOESNT like a faster PCI bus)
Cooler for p4 - ?
Ram module for recommended mobo - ??

Thanks for any help, im not totally up to date and I just want a p4 system that will be stable and well performing under an overclock.

all help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Check out Tom's review of Intel 845 pe boards. The asus p4pe was top rated. I'm running my 2.4b at close to 2800 with the stock Intel heatsink. I would use one stick of 512 megs samsung pc2700, unless you want to spend more for pc3200 or 3500. I would also check the website of the board you get for recommended brands.
  2. CPU: Get P4AB (533MHz BUS).
    MEM: Corsair XMS CL2 PC2700/PC3000.
    COOLER: Stock from Intel.
    COOLER for OVERCLOCK: Cooler Master w/ heat pipe, Alpha 8942, Swiftech MCX4000/MCX462+, (AVC have a good cooler too but I don't remember the name). And Tt Smart fan II.
    MOBO: Asus P4PE or Gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra
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