xp 1900 running hot any suggestions

About 5 months ago I put together a system with a asus a7v333 and a xp1900(not oc),the other day it shut down on me because of my mobo cpu overheating protection so i checked the temps and found my cpu is 65C idle and 74-77C gaming.Any suggestions on cooling it down.
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  1. Some cheap and quick:

    - use Motherboard Monitor to know better your temps. Asus probe is known to give you wrong values.
    - what is your temp room? Don't tell me it's over 25º ... Hotter rooms make air for cooling less efficient.
    - undervolt your CPU: I'm not joking, I have a XP1700+ running 0.1v under specifications, no problems at all, just check stability.
    - clean the HSF: dust makes your HSF less efficient.
    - are you using Artic Silver 3 or similar? It can help a lot. Remeber to clean your HSF and CPU before put thermal paste.
    - Better airflow: from rounded cables to and exhaust fan on the top back of your case.

    Any additional information will help giving you advice.

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  2. What is your HSF and CASE? What is your room temp and are you using thermal pad or paste?
  3. check your system flow air
    check the vcore of your prosessor
    Check if there is set to normal condition or not
    Update your bios or flash it
    check the supply power
    Periksa pengetes suhu atau
    check your test temperature it maybe wrong on your mobo

    when nmiraf always the Best!
  4. Hi, I did the same sorta but with a 2200, at any rate though same problem until new bios and made sure all drivers and such are latest and up to date....also adding a Thermaltake Volcano7+ wouldnt hurt a bit. It`s noisy but works great...and also has settings to lower speed and quiets down alot if you do so.Good luck in your computing
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