Slow problem in multi tasking

I recently built my PC and I experienced a strange slow in win 7 64 bit, when I do copy files + download + browsing I find the system cruel, sometimes stop responding for 5-8 sec

even in windows explorer when I move from folder to folder that take 1-2 secounds

here are my config:
2 hdd: 1 tera black wd for OS + 2 tera green with AHCI enabled
i7 860
biostar i55
4 gb ram

please advise

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  1. with my computer, if I am moving large files, while transferring, I see it slowing down, sometimes to 30 Mbs, you might try this, Start, Accessories, Run(right click, run as admin), fsutil behavior query memoryusage, should return a =0, type fsutil behavior set memoryusage 2, reboot the computer let us know if it helps
  2. @ Number13
    I tried that now and still experience some interrupt when I navigate between files in the green hdd but not in the black hdd so I think that because of the slow access time of the green hdd

    however I left the settings to 2 and if you have any other suggestion please tell me

  3. You changed the page file sharing to 2, which is the max, the green drives are slower( I have a 1 TB WD Green new style drive 1024 clusters, it runs very cool but it is slower than my 1.5TB Seagate, which is VERY hot, I had to put a fan on it to cool it down) but the rest of the slowness is from the drive and I am not sure if there is any thing more that you can do, as a second thought, do you have the drive partitioned? the drives in my computer that I use everyday are partitioned in 100 to 150G partitions, the 1 and 1.5 TB drives I use for archiving, so they are not partitioned, with smaller partitions the OS does not have to look at all the files in the drive when you request them
  4. I have the green partitioned into 250gb except for the last one it is 500gb, the black partitioned into 400, 300,200 , temperature for black is 50 c !! and for green is 47 c !!

    I will go and buy a fan after few hours but I hate the noise, is bigger fan make less noise ?

    thanks alot
  5. the fans are a bother, but a necessity, sorry
  6. dear friend I got a very good fan, it was very silent 120mm and all my hard drives never exceed 38 c, but the slow still exists, even when I dont copy any files !!

    please advise
  7. Reading and writing to a mechanical drive at the same time is going to slow it down no matter what you do. The head can only work on one thing at a time and when its rapidly switching back and fourth it will bottleneck. The greens drive weren't made for performance either, they were made to be always on and remain cool, and quiet.
  8. yes this is why I bought the black drive, this should be fast !!, so you are saying even if I had i7 processor and 4 gb RAM that does not matter ?
  9. regretfully the drive cache and write time are the part of the slowdown that can't be helped, maybe look at a hybrid drive, but I have no exp with them
    second thought, look at WD Raptors
  10. Run a virus scan on your computer. If your virus and spyware protection are up-to-date, the scan will detect any offenders and remove them from your computer.

    Unplug your modem and wait a minute. Many times resetting a modem will fix the slow Internet connection.

    Perform a system restore on your computer. This allows you to undo any harmful changes that you have made to your computer that could be causing the slower Internet.

    Free up space on your hard drive. Routinely removing temporary Internet files and programs that you no longer use will help keep your computer running efficiently.

    Test your connection. Many Internet providers will allow you to use their site to check to make sure that there is not a problem with your connection.
  11. If your actions are involving data access, read/write...etc with the WD green drive, it's going to be slower.

    Do you use it strictly as a storage drive, or do you install programs there? My advice would be to use it strictly as storage (or sell it), and have everything installed on the WD black drive.

    WD velociraptors are expensive (not as much as they used to be), but they are quick.
  12. all software are installed on the black drive, I really hate to have i7 PC and when I try to open a folder I wait 3-7 seconds !!

    I enabled AHCI in the bios and test and found it is getting worse !! so I disabled it again and used normal sata protocol

    any other suggestions ? plzzzzzzzz

  13. Try creating a new user profile. Yours may have become corrupt.
  14. it is a fresh windows install !! should I revert to windows xp sp3 ??
  15. I'd first try creating another user....Or try the default admin account.
  16. You may also want to try start-->run-->sfc /scannow

    You can also try downloading ccleaner, and running the registry scan.
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