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Ok so im sitting here comparing 2 laptops, I intend to use them for mid-high level gaming

laptop 1
Brand: Asus N53
CPU: i5 (2.3Ghz)
GPU: Nvidia 550M (2GB RAM)
Hard Drive: 640 GB
Price: $899.99

Laptop 2
Brand: Asus G53
CPU: i7 (2.0Ghz)
GPU: Nvidia 560M (2GB RAM)
Hard Drive: 500 GB
Price: $1100.99

Is there a big difference (preformance wise) between the video cards
if its a ram problem should I just get the cheaper one and upgrade

bottom line is the processor upgrade and video card upgrade worth $200
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  1. Yes it is worth. But all the latest 15inch ASUS gaming models have 'gimped' 560M. It means they have 128 bit bandwidth compared to the standard 192 bit you find in standard 560M. So it will perform lower than a previous generation's 460M GTX but still better than the 550M.

    So, it boils down to the budget I guess. If you could afford, go for the ASUS.

    The processor does make a difference if you do a lot of multi tasking or run multi threaded apps. Few high end games demand quad core nowadays, so it is advisable to invest in it.

    Try considering SAGER or custom MSI notebooks. You will get better GPU and fully customizable laptop for cheaper prices.
  2. ok, so basically companies will hide the true power of a GPU it seems at all cost, ran into this problem looking at a lenovo.

    but back to buisness both are ASUS laptops (I assume you want me to go for the more expensive one)
    I glanced at SAGER and noticed that the graphics cards were mostly NVIDIA 555m unless I wanted to go at least 2k, I dont, cap at 1kish (1k-1200)
    so if I wanted to play say skyrim on high level detail what GPU would be best for my money?
    also MSI is not cheaper
    I checked out SAGER more, found a 560m GPU with 1.5GB VRAM basically add 85 bucks onto the more expensive one, given that its not 'gimped' its faster, excewpt for the lesser VRAM, will it make a difference preformance wise?
    If I drop the SAGER laptop down to an i5 and keep the 560m GPU its the same price, so I seem to have options, how different will the preformances be on all of these, both considering preformance now and how long it will be relevant (aka able to run games moderately well) (the 2 I listed in the OP, the SAGER with i7 and 560m GPU, and the SAGER i5 with 560 GPU)
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