I7-2670QM 2.2 showing as an I7-2720QM in CPUID?

Hello all, just wondering why CPU-Z shows a diff processor than it does in windows. It's an HP Envy 17 with the i7-2670QM and 6850M with 6 gigs of 1333 with 2 500gig HDDs at Raid-0. Thanks in advance,
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  1. Probably you got 2720QM.Test with other software such as Core Temp too.If they reported 2720QM,then that's your CPU
  2. Because 2720QM is the original second generation processor with 2.2 Ghz speed.
    2670QM is a refresh of the 2630QM processor and its also clocked 2.2 Ghz.

    Since the speed is same, you get it detected like that. Probably it will be fixed in their update soon.

    p.s - the difference is that 2720QM supports Intel TXT and Intel VT-d technology while the 2670QM doesn't support them.
  3. Ok Core Temp is also saying i7-2720QM. I also found somewhere that the 2670 supports 1333 while the i7-2720 supports 1600 or higher ram. My searches haven't found much on the subject. Any links ya'll could point me to? ( I search via German internet although I'm an American so I get mostly German sites so hard to find stuff I can actually read unless someone knows the link ) Thanks in advance!
  4. So the next question is; Did HP kinda mess and/or accidently send out a i7-2720QM meaning to send out i7-2670QM's? Also, do Intel TXT and Intel VT-d mean anything in performance/operation etc?
  5. Actually,few weeks ago another guy had the same situation.He ordered a laptop with 2670QM but received 2720QM instead.
    The reason maybe is the thing perfectblue explained
  6. HP doesn't offer 2720QM as an option on Envy. Only 2670QM or 2820QM. Its highly unlikely that they slipped in a processor which they don't give as an upgrade option normally.

    Read this thread for more understanding between the two processors.

    Try using any benchmark software or opening any CPU intensive programs and see the maximum clock speed. If its 3.3 Ghz it might be the rare 2720QM on envy or if it gives 3.1 Ghz, it is the 2670QM.
  7. The 2670QM is a refresh of 2630QM. Some monitoring software will identify the refreshed CPU as 2720QM, such as Everest and HWMonitor.

    You can use CPU-Z (latest version) and System (Control Panel) to verify your CPU.
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